Day: July 12, 2017

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Dawa and his family

They had a lovely 2 storey Lodge (Lirung View Hotel) just in front of Langtang Village. His house was completely destroyed after the earthquake. They could build a small house with our help after more than a year without help, and their dream is to extend the construction to be able to build few rooms for trekking guests. We are proud to say that Dawa is now part of our team at InspireU Adventures. He is a licenced professional trekking guide with more than 20 years experience.

Click here to read their story.

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Norbu lost all his family apart from his 3 kids. He could rebuild his house in Kyanjin (the last village of our Langtang The Magic Kyanjing Trek or Langtang & Gosainkunda Paradise Trek) a year after the earthquake with our help. He did not receive anything from anyone until then (neither from the Government nor from NGOs…).

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Earthquake Relieve Project in Langtang

One of the most affected regions by the earthquake. We contributed to rebuild with money and with our own hands 2 houses of 2 families that lost everything.

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Earthquake Relief Project in Dhading District

Already finished. We built more than 200 bamboo houses within the Dhading District (West of Kathmandu), we built 2 schools and provide them with material for 5 other schools in the same District. Also we provided with of food, tarps and medicines within the first period post-earthquake as an emergency measure.

Big thanks to all friends, family and the radio program in Catalunya: El Món a RAC1 which through an interview we received a huge amount of help too.

Hear the radio program (catalan language):

Watch our domestic video:

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Orphanage Case

Contribution raising money in a case of a fake orphanage that was abusing, harassing and mistreating kids and using them as bait for capturing western donations. Money that was never going to be used for the kids. Nowadays this orphanage is closed (for precaution measures this orphanage name will not be revealed).

Special thanks to all staff of ExCeL London, clients and providers that contributed to raise an incredible amount for this to happen.

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Khagendra Disabled Home project

Since 2013 helping this community to improve their lives and provide with medical equipment, clothing, food and comfort. Nowadays Nepal hasn’t any adaptabilities for disabled specially in the street. The government has just started providing with some pensions to only few disabled people. Whilst thousands of disabled persons are abandoned or left in homes without seeing the light of the outside world, or without tools to move or without experts and professionals to look after them. Khagendra is one of the few disabled centres that Nepal has.

Special Thanks to NDC (National Developers Conference) and the speakers for their amazing contributions to the project.

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Kavre District Project

Rebuilding help in some villages, provision of blankets and food for elderly and young people for winter time. This project is totally alive and undergoing. Now we are looking at building up a school and provide with teachers to some grades for young kids. Government of Nepal provides teachers in public schools for free until certain grade, after that, each village community has to pay for their own teachers.