7 recommendations for traveling to Nepal

Are you thinking of travelling to Nepal? You should know that it is a beautiful country, full of contrasts and a very attentive and friendly local population. A country where you can explore both the natural wonders of its mountains and valleys and its rich culture where Buddhism and Hinduism are very important pillars.

In today’s Inspire U Adventures post we want to give you 7 recommendations for travelling to Nepal so you can prepare your trip without forgetting anything. Your journey starts here!

Useful tips for traveling to Nepal

There are some practical aspects and others of general interest that are really good to know if you want to discover Nepal. For this reason, here we offer you a list with some of the best recommendations for travelling to Nepal and that will help you to get to know this country better.

1#The Visa in Nepal

To travel to Nepal you need a visa. You should be aware that there are three different types of visas that you can apply for, and that they include different length stay validity:

  • Nepal visa 15 days
  • Nepal visa 30 days
  • and Nepal visa 90 days

In the event that, for example, you have applied for a 15-day visa and then you want to stay longer, not a problem! You can extend your visa at the immigration office in Kathmandu within the 15 days before your visa expires. For this, you will need to give a copy of your passport and the current visa, fill up an online form and cash.

[su_box title = “Recommendation!”]The Nepal visa can be obtained at the airport when you arrive, but inside our tips for traveling to Nepal we recommend that you take it from your country or come prepared with the online form already filled up. This way, you will save waiting time. [/su_box]

2#The roads in Nepal

It is quite likely that during your trip to Nepal you will want to travel to different parts of the country. The most common way to do it is by local buses, vans, cars or jeeps. For this reason, we believe it is important that you know the situation of the roads in the country. Bear in mind that Nepal is a country with underdeveloped infrastructures and, therefore, it is common for some “unforeseen” problems to arise during the journey, for example, being stuck in traffic.

In this sense, another of our recommendations for travelling to Nepal is to be patient during the journeys as they are likely to take longer than you expected.

At Inspire U Adventures we fly whenever possible, avoiding long journeys on winding roads, gaining quality time to visit and enjoy the day at the destination.

consejos viaje nepal

3#Currency exchange

Another important point is the currency exchange. In Nepal, the currency is Nepali rupees and you can change your currency to Nepali rupees in different parts of the country. Especially in larger and touristy cities where there are usually many exchange offices. However, our advice is that, when you arrive at the airport, you change some money to have some cash for the beginning of your journey. Nepal is the only country where you can buy Nepali rupees.

4#Money in Nepal

Another recommendation when travelling to Nepal is to always carry cash. Unlike European countries, in Nepal it is not so common to pay by credit card. Therefore, it is always advisable to carry cash. ATMs are not always available in this country, especially when trekking in the Himalayas, so money in hand is the best option.

To keep the money safe, it is good to carry a small fanny pack. In fact, it is recommended that you also bring your passport and documentation here to avoid theft or loss.

[su_box title = “Advice!”]In general, Nepal is a safe country, however, there might be cases of theft (like anywhere else in the world). Keep an eye on your belongings. [/ su_box]

5#Hire an expert guide for your treks in Nepal

Most people who travel to Nepal come to discover some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, such as the Annapurnas, Everest or Langtang. For this reason, it is usual that trekking is among the travel plans.

If this is also your idea, our advice is that you hire a professional guide. At Inspire U Adventures you will find a highly experienced professional team that will make from your trip an unforgetable, interesting and comfortable experience. The reason why it is recommended to go with a guide is that, this way, you get immerse in the country’s authentic nature, culture and tradition. The experience will be way more rewarding with the help of knowlegable professionals.

In addition, with a guide you will ensure a much safer trekking through Nepal as we are experts in mountaineering and we can provide help in any accident or unforeseen event (falls, injuries, exhaustion, altitude sickness, etc.). Check our routes through Nepal and sign up for any of our departures!

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6#Travel insurance that covers the trek

Something very important is that you have a travel insurance when travelling to Nepal. And, in addition, if you are going to trek, it is essential that the insurance covers any problem that you may experience in the mountains.

This is a very important point before coming to this country because, this way, you ensure maximum protection during your stay and your adventure.

7#Security in Nepal

And we finish this list of recommendations to travel to Nepal to talk, now, about the issue of security. This is usually a very common question among travellers who want to visit a country with a different culture and situation. But the truth is that Nepal is not an unsafe country. The fact that Nepal is a safe country to travel does not mean that it cannot be robberies. For this reason, it is recommended that basic guidelines be followed such as:

  • Bring your passport and other valuable documents duly stored with you.
  • Make copies of your documentation and send it to your email so that you can always have these data available.
  • Look after your valuable things: especially cameras, mobile phones, etc.
  • Be respectful with the Nepalese: they are very kind and calm people, but we don’t have to go overboard or be too brazen or invasive with our attitude. Respect and they will respect you, that is the secret.

And these are some of the tips for travelling to Nepal that are worth taking into account. If you have further questions about your trip or your trek, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!


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