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ABOUT InspireU Adventures

Inspire·U Adventures is a new way to Trek in the Himalayas and to Discover Nature, Culture and Tradition.

We created a personal style of walking, based on a fusion with the experience. This creates in everyone an inner work and self-observation. This style makes us be aware of our surroundings and what is essential; the present.

Over the years we’ve observed what can improve the experience of the visitors that come to the magic land of Nepal. The aim: absorb and live a complete experience that not only makes you go from one point to another but makes you live the true complexity of the adventure, including:

– Himalaya knowledge
– Altitude knowledge
– Customs and Traditions
– Language
– Legends
– Religion
– Nature

This unforgettable experience will leave you with no words, and full of Inspiration.

We believe in the benefits of nature, and in the benefits of getting out of our comfort zone.

This combination is an instrument that shakes our body and mind in a way never experienced before. Is then, when magic happens, and Inspiration comes to Us. You become unstoppable; you can do anything you want.

Inspiration Starts in Nepal


Our priority is the security and safety of all participants on all activities that we organize. We take security very seriously and we are prepared to respond to emergencies.

Feel Free

We get out of our comfort zone to explore nature and culture. We leave routines, stress and pressures behind. The splendorous inner You arises in all senses to Inspire You.


You will find a friend amongst us. But also a professional that knows how to respond in any circumstance. A professional that will recommend, advice and help.

Empathy and Understanding

We listen and understand you. We want to know what you like, who you are and what are your expectations. We accommodate our services to your wishes, needs and skills.


We are a trekking and tour guide team that love what we do, and we are in constant growth. We like sharing our knowledge with our customers and make them part of the experience.

Enjoy the moment

We like living in the present; it is the most complete experience, focussing all your attention in what you are doing at every moment. The process along the way matters.

Health and Happiness

Trekking in nature and in contact with different cultures helps to improve our physical health and has a big impact on our minds. Balancing body and mind is the key for a true happy life.

Respect and Environment

We respect nature and culture. We walk looking after the environment, respect animals, plants and weather. We accept different cultures and live a full experience.


Berta Navarro Peró (founder of InspireU Adventures) was once upon a time touched by the magic of Nepal. She decided to travel to Nepal, as it was one of her dreams since she was very young, to see Mount Everest with her own eyes. Nepal inspired her in such a way that when returning back to her job in London as an Event Manager organizing Congresses and Conventions, she couldn’t continue her day to day duties without thinking of the magic experience she had in Nepal. Part of her heart was still there, and shortly she understood she was going to move to Nepal for a while to continue exploring and learning from a culture that gave her so much and still does every day.

She trekked in many regions for a few years. Living there she did numerous social projects around Kathmandu, National Parks and rural forgotten villages (some of which are still undergoing). And she made friends during her trekking adventures that were going to become her family forever more.

Some of these friends are professionals of the trekking and tourism industry and part of InspireU Adventures Team, others have been an inspiration to her and a motor to make this project happen. Like her sentimental partner, outdoors expert, and member of the company Alex Wagner, without whom this would have been a much more difficult task, and who inspires Berta every day of her life.

After lots of adventures in the Himalayas, Berta and her team saw a new and better way to offer a trekking guiding service. They understood where the industry needed to improve to offer to customers the experience of their lives. They understood where the guiding industry was lacking and they started working on a project that would see outstanding results in customer satisfaction. A project based on an inner work, self-exploration and respect for nature and culture. A project that was inspired by numerous participants. The key to our success: understanding needs and listening to the clients.

InspireU Adventures Team is composed of Nepali Mountain Professionals and other professionals from all over ther world (Spanish, German, Canadian, English…).
She is counting on the best team she could ever have. Reliable, professional and kind, that gives; to everyone that comes to Nepal, without difference of religion, or status of gender…

InspireU Adventures Family is looking forward to meeting you, sharing an unforgettable experience and Inspiring You with moments that surely you will store in your pocket of best memories and learnings of your life.

Professionals of the Himalayas with one same goal, to Inspire You.


This project has been inspired by numerous people who have gone through our lives, inside and outside of Nepal. There is not enough space to express the gratitude we feel for all of them. Friends, family, clients, collaborators and participants. Thanks to all those who have made it possible for this project to go ahead. And for those who are to come: Welcome to the experience of your lives!



Álvaro Quintana

Expert and Treks and Tours Organizer

Berta Navarro Peró (Kanchhi)

Founder of InspireU Adventures

Bhai Nima Kanchha

Senior Trekking Guide

Jangbu Sherpa

Trekking and Climbing Guide