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There are many adventurous people who want to trek solo in Nepal but is that possible? The truth is that in many of the Natural Parks YES, you can trek on your own. Some regions are highly protected and it is mandatory to hire a licensed guide through a local agency (Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Nar Phu, Manaslu …).

Although in many regions you can do a solo trek, from Inspire U Adventures we always recommend do it with a professional guide so that you can be safer, count on the advice and experience of mountain professionals and enjoy more your adventure.

Every year there are cases of missing persons and search and rescues of people who were trekking solo. In addition, many complications can occur in the mountains (injuries, diseases, altitude sickness…) and if you are alone, these complications can be aggravated considerably.

A professional guide will not only protect you, but will share with you knowledge about the culture, fauna and flora of the place, history, knowledge about the mountains, traditions, language…

Nevertheless, to the question: “Can I do a solo trek in Nepal?” The answer is YES. But, before making any decision, we recommend that you read this post carefully to resolve any doubts you may have.

Our tip for a trek in Nepal

From Inspire U Adventures we recommend doing a trek with a guide. Basically because this way, you will enjoy much more the experience. The reasons are the following:

  • You will get a deeper experience: our expert guides will advise you at all times about the route, the nature and the customs of the country. A route in which you can discover the real Nepal and not only enjoy its beautiful landscapes.
  • More security: Obviously, going with a mountain guide expert, specialized on the Nepal terrain, will help you in any event that may occur during the trek (falls, injuries, altitude sickness, diseases or discomfort, the path, etc.).
  • A well-prepared organization: Inspire U Adventures guides are fully qualified and prepared to make from your trekking an unforgettable experience. We organize routes through impressive landscapes, yes, but we also organize activities that will show you the richness of Nepal in every step we do. In addition, we organize all transport, accommodation, etc., so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can use all your time to enjoy the experience.
  • Documentation and permits in order: another reason for which is good to trek with a guide is that, in order do a trek, official permits are required. We organize all the paperwork directly with the relevant organizations so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the experience.

However, there are some people who prefer to trek solo in Nepal. If this is your case, here are some essential tips to be able to enjoy the adventure.

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What to keep in mind for a solo trek in Nepal?

First of all, don’t do it alone. One thing is to do a trek without a guide and quite another is to do it alone. Although there are routes for all levels, the truth is that during the hike there might be unforeseen events for which it is better to go accompanied.

The permits you will need

In addition, you have to know that you are required to have specific permits to be able to trek in Nepal. Two are required:

  • ACA Entry Permit: the official permit that allows you to enter any of the National Parks or Conservation Areas of Nepal.
  • TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System): you need it to do any trekking in Nepal, regardless of the route you choose. In order to apply for any of these permits, you will need 2 passport photos and some money (the cost varies depending on the National Park you choose). Then, you must fill out a form with all your data, emergency contacts, and information about the route you want to do in Nepal.They will also ask for the insurance contact and policy number as well as the coverage you have. It is very important that, if you want to solo trek in Nepal, your policy covers any accident or unforeseen event that may occur in the mountains.
    [su_box title=”Important”]It is important that you always carry these two permits because during the route you will be asked more than once to show the documents. Therefore, do not lose them![/su_box]

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Advantages and disadvantages of solo Trekking in Nepal

We have already told you that you can do a solo trek in Nepal but it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of this decision. Also, if you end up deciding that you will do it on your own we recommend you to read this other post where you will find all the tips for trekking in Nepal.

Advantages of doing a solo trek

      • It’s cheaper: obviously, if you choose to do a trek on your own, the price will be cheaper because you will not have any expert guide to accompany you and advise you during the trip.
      • You choose the route to follow: another advantage is that you can make the itinerary that you want. Anyway, in Inspire U Adventures we always adapt to the requests of our clients and modify the routes to their wishes whenever possible so that they can enjoy an unforgettable experience.
      • Go at your own pace: it is also another clear advantage when opting for a solo trek. You can adapt the itinerary to your preferences and your pace. If you are more tired, you can rest for a few days, or you can decide to continue to the next town without having to consult with a whole group.

Disadvantages of doing a solo trek in Nepal

      • You don’t do a cultural immersion: The good thing about doing a route with experienced guides is that, in addition to discovering the landscapes of Nepal, you also get introduced to its cultural richness and the country’s traditions. With a guide, the trek becomes a complete experience.
      • Greater insecurity: the guides are experienced to help you in any circumstance. We must not forget that in the Himalayan treks the evils of altitude can take place and, therefore, it is highly recommended to have a professional who knows what to do in these cases. If you need a rescue, you will need to have access to a telephone with signal and a helicopter rescue contact, call your insurance and look after a long process of various steps that are not easy and even less if you are sick or injured… In Inspire U Adventures we are prepared to handle these situations quickly and efficiently without you having to move a finger.
      • Planning in excess: Another disadvantage of doing a trek in Nepal on your own is that you waste a lot of time finding the best route for you and your fitness level. If you go to an agency like Inspire U Adventures we will listen to your wishes and we will suggest the best route for you since we have a wide knowledge. You can contact us to ask us any doubt you may have or to help you organize your route.

Vaccines for Nepal

Also, if you want to do a trek in Nepal on your own or with us you have to know what vaccines are necessary to travel to this country.
However, there are some vaccines that are recommended, especially if you are going to hike in rural areas. To know better which vaccines are the most indicated, the best is to visit your doctor and get information about the medical procedures to travel to Nepal from your country of origin.


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