How to look after the environment trekking in Nepal

One of the main objectives at Inspire U Adventures is to trek respecting nature and environment.

We consider essential to maintain and protect the environment to be able to fully enjoy it. We love nature and, therefore, we respect it deeply. And this is something that we transmit to everyone during our adventures.

For this reason, in today’s post we want to focus on talking about how to take care of the environment on a trek in Nepal. Since we believe that, actually, it is an easy task to care about the environment. We just need to follow few simple tips and guidelines to ensure that we all practice a sustainable and responsible tourism.

Responsible trekking in Nepal. Some tips:

Below we offer you a useful list with tips to look after the environment when trekking in Nepal.

1# Be responsible with your trash

Be smart with the garbage you create and never throw it away on the road. The best thing is to take it with you and as soon as you find the right garbage bin, you get rid of it. In addition, it is important to remember recycling materials and separate plastic, paper and biodegradable waste as much as possible. In several natural parks in Nepal, garbage separation systems are being implemented and numerous stands have been built with plastic, metal and paper separators.

But we are aware that in Nepal it might be a bit more difficult to find the same garbage system as in Western countries, so, in case you do not find a suitable space to get rid of biodegradable waste, one option is to bury it. But yes: at very high altitudes the garbage does not decompose, so the best thing is to keep your waste in bags and then throw it away when you find the right place.

What to do with…

  • Batteries: in Nepal they are not being recycled, so we recommend that you take them back to your country and recycle them correctly there.
  • Butts: they are not biodegradable waste, so if you smoke you should bring your own portable ashtray to store the consumed tobacco.

In addition, from Inspire U Adventures we want to encourage everyone to help keep the forests and trails clean during the trek. Therefore, if you find garbage or waste along the way it is of a great help to pick it up and, thus, you help to maintain nature as it should be: clean!

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2# Going to the toilet during your trek in Nepal

The issue of the toilet is also one of the most common doubts for hikers. In fact, faeces are biodegradable and, therefore, there should be no problem by going to the toilet in nature.

But for hygienic and health reasons it is important that, whenever we need to go to the toilet, we move away at least 50 meters from the water sources. In addition, you should dig a hole about 50cm deep and, when you finish, cover it back again.

3# Water during the trek

No plastic water bottles! They are very polluting and one of the great problems of Nepal. Therefore, Inspire U Adventures team uses only refillable bottles in our treks.

To purify the water we use different methods such as ultraviolet disinfection, iodine or boiling.

4# Personal hygiene

During the treks in Nepal, it is very tempting to go to the rivers to have a bath or clean clothes. However, it is not advisable to do so because we pollute the water of the rivers. Therefore, the best way to maintain your personal hygiene is to get some water from the river in a bucket and use it to wash your clothes and groom yourself. You will find showers in all lodges of the trek too.

We recommend to use biodegradable soap and throw away the water in areas far from rivers to avoid contaminating them.

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5# Follow the trails

We continue with the list of the best tips to take care of the environment on a trek in Nepal. Now we want to talk about the importance of following the designated trails during the trek.

It is important that we don’t leave the designated trails because, in doing so, what we are causing is erosion of the land and destruction of vegetation. In addition, we could even cause landslides by walking off the path. Therefore, always follow the trails to protect nature.

6# Do not abuse from fuel in the villages

It is important to highlight a concept that might be difficult for a Westerner to understand: the mountain villages of Nepal have reduced combustion resources and they are very expensive because it is very difficult to deliver them to these lands. This happens with products such as gas and wood. There are great restrictions regarding the wood that the villagers can take from the forests. Therefore, it is important that when we trek we are aware of these realities.

We should not abuse these fuel resources and, whenever we can, avoid them. So, we recommend that you wear appropriate warm clothing to avoid requesting to use too much gas or wood in cold weather. We also encourage you to choose meals that do not require the use of too much fuel, for instance, the delicious Dal Bhat, the regional food of Nepal.

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7# Leave no trace trekking in Nepal

It is very important to be respectful of the environment. Therefore, we should avoid throwing any residue in our way. The same way, we should refrain from picking up flowers, plants, seeds, etcetera. Even though it does not seem to be so big of a deal, the truth is that these small actions can seriously influence the natural cycle of vegetation.

8# Respect the animals

During our treks in Nepal, it is common for us to find wild animals living freely. In these cases, we should not scare them or scare them away. We must respect their space and avoid interfering with their habitat.

Also, we should not feed any animal because, if we do, we can interfere with their survival instincts and make them become dependent. This, in the long run, can end up causing the animals to acquire aggressive behaviours with humans.

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9# Respect the culture and tradition

For Inspire U Adventures it is very important to promote respect for culture and tradition. In fact, it is one of the characteristics that define us and define our special style of trekking: we are very focused on integration and respect for the culture we are discovering and learning from.

Therefore, we encourage the learning of the traditions, languages and customs of the locals. We avoid prejudice and, in case of any doubt, we ask to learn and understand. We leave any possible feeling of superiority at home and we open up to other ways of living that help us grow as human beings and, also, help us to find a better way of living.

These are the essential tips for taking care of the environment on a trek in Nepal. Help us put them into practice when you come to trek with us. We guarantee you, that this way, the experience is much more meaningful.

Do you have any doubt? Then, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


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