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In this article, the InspireU Adventures team wants to focus on what is happening in Nepal, the hunger crisis that the country is living, and what our friends from Hugging Nepal (Spanish NGO focused on Nepal aid) are doing now in Kathmandu.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the Earthquake that shook Nepal on the 25th of April 2015 and TODAY is the 5th Anniversary of HUGGING NEPAL, who was born as a result of the devastating earthquake. We take the opportunity to congratulate our friends!

As per what the WHO (World Health Organization) is saying and every one of us can see on the news around the world, this crisis is affecting disproportionately to Human Rights worldwide.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal


In Nepal, one of the underdeveloped countries of our planet, there are, amongst a few others, three powerful economic motors; the income of the Nepali immigrants working in Arabic countries and others, the tourism and NGO’s.

  • – The Nepali immigrant workers that were trying to provide to their families and were working in countries like Emirates are being deported or left to die in the desert with nothing.
  • – Tourism is totally canceled like everywhere else in the world and the Himalaya National Parks are empty.
  • – NGO’s contribution has a very small impact due to the worldwide global crisis.

Those Nepali that had only a few rupees to have a meal a day, today they have nothing. Entire families had to get all their belongings and travel by foot to their rural hometowns where, if lucky, they will have access to some sort of food that the earth provides.

Meanwhile, millions of citizens in Kathmandu have nowhere to go, they can’t pay their flats, and they sleep in the street without any resources to provide themselves with food.

Hugging Nepal Team delivering food to those who have nothing.


In front of this desperate situation and taking into account that there are no means to give shelter to these people, Hugging Nepal has taken action and is cooking every day together with western and Nepali volunteers to provide nutritional food to the maximum number of people every day.

This is a brilliant task that requires daily extraordinary dedication. They are doing a hard job and want to provide good food to the maximum number of people.

Only 50€ can feed 100 persons a day!

Hugging Nepal
Hugging Nepal team packing the meals.

To this date, all donations are allowing Hugging Nepal to deliver 250 to 300 meals a day!

InspireU Adventures is completely committed to this cause and we want to support this great humanitarian work so our friends from Hugging Nepal can feed many more people during all this period of great crisis.

Do you want to join the cause? Please, make your donation through their website:

Whichever contribution, as small as it may seem, will make the difference.

Thanks for helping the people of Nepal, who has always given us big lessons of generosity.

We hope to return to Nepal very soon and enjoy their people and nature. From InspireU Adventures we are very grateful to this country that has given us and still does.

Follow HUGGING NEPAL’s missions on Facebook and Instagram.


Thanks to your donations Hugging Nepal is buying food to help the ones in need.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about Nepal or for future adventures or expeditions with us. As soon as it is safe, we will be flying to Nepal and enjoying it with you!

InspireU Adventures Team.


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