Note to the World

InspireU Adventures has the objective of inspiring our clients through our own trekking style forged from our passion for the Himalayan mountains, nature and cultures.
Our team shares more than 40 years experience in the outdoor adventures world. We venture to explore with you the magic of the Himalaya region in Nepal, one the most magnificent place in the world.
Let us Inspire You to go deep into the wonderful world of the various Nepali cultures. We invite you to trek with us, and visit some of the emblematic places of Nepal.

Nepal is home to 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world; their summit all above 8000m of elevation from sea level. The valleys are host to an immense variety of cultures, ethnic groups, languages and traditions. There is a big respect for all religions and ways of thinking. The more prevalent religions being Hinduism and Buddhism.

Take the magic of Nepal in your pocket, full of unique experiences that Inspires All

Those remote paradises of the Himalayas are limited to paths that are only accessible by foot. Getting into the Himalayan Valleys means that we put aside the bustling “commodities of transportation” and leave behind the technologies that absorb us. We then have the opportunity to open the door to commune with nature and focus our attention to the gift of the flora, fauna and culture of the Himalayan region.

For few days, we let go of our usual routine; we leave behind stress, obligations and explore nature through all our senses. Therefore, we get to explore ourselves.
You will discover the impact that the Nepali reality can do on our bodies and our hearts. Explore, experiment and surrender through contact with nature that will encircle you. Things will acquire a new meaning for you ;where one can expect kindness, comprehension and humility to blend.

More honest and pure. Experiences in the heights of the Himalayas will produce a change within you. Some that you will only appreciate as you return home and step through your door. Then we hope to hear from you… because there is nothing more rewarding for us than the reactions and satisfaction of our clients.

We built this company because we want to share what we have discovered, felt, seen and learned with others. Nature in nepal is breathtaking and through this company we wish to share the magnificence of it.

We hope this letter inspires whoever read this and makes them consider calling our team to experience their next adventure.
Thank you all of those who have already participated with us and that have made us love our profession so much. All of you continue Inspiring Us deep in our hearts, this is what moves us and what we are passionate about.

Welcome to the team, we’d like to hear from you, and we can’t wait to Inspire You.
Keep in touch.

See you soon… Berta and InspireU Adventures Team


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