Solidarity trip to Nepal: tips and recommendations


Are you thinking of doing a solidarity trip to Nepal? You should know that in this country there are many NGOs that work to develop different areas of society. There are associations aimed at improving the educational environment, others aimed at improving sustainable trade, others aimed at helping with the reconstruction of villages, etc.

To be able to do a trip of this type, it is important to have the correct information prior to the trip and, above all, to not be in a hurry. At Inspire U Adventures we want to help you to know how to do a solidarity trip to Nepal. Here we will give you some tips and recommendations so that your trip is something beyond pure tourism.

Solidarity trip to Nepal: what to keep in mind?

In order to know how to make a solidarity trip to Nepal it is important that you know that you are going to cooperate. That means that you have to get rid of the idea that you are going to “help” because that is not completely right. What you will do is give an extra dimension to your trip and not only accumulate tourist experiences, but contribute to local development. In addition, a solidary trip allows you to better connect with the country, get to better know the people and get a better idea of cultures and traditions of Nepal.

In fact, at Inspire U Adventures we are very knowledgeable of this more human and cultural way of travel. Therefore, in our treks in Nepal you will always be accompanied by an expert guide. Our objective is not only that you enjoy the nature of the country, but also, that you discover its essence in a very respectful way. At Inspire U Adventures this style of solidarity-tourism is the only one we conceive as true and, therefore, it is the one we offer to our hikers.

In order to make a solidarity trip to Nepal, we recommend you to take these tips into account.

Find a good NGO or association to make your solidary trip

We recommend that you research and compare different options before choosing yours. You should take into account practical aspects such as price and dates, but above all, you have to make sure that the core values are the same as yours. Therefore, evaluate the different associations that work in the country and assess which of them you could cooperate with in a more appropriate way.

There are many NGOs, so we recommend getting information, comparing opinions and making a final decision at the end of this reflection. Thus, you can feel satisfied with your solidary trip and you will enjoy your experience to the fullest!

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Learn about Nepal: customs, traditions, religion …

In order to make a solidarity trip to Nepal it is important that you understand the place you are going to. Knowing the reality of the country is basic so that you know where and how you are going to live. Therefore, we encourage you to gather information about some cultural aspects, religion, customs, political situation and others. These factors will be crucial for your experience during your trip and, therefore, it is good that you are aware of them.

Keep in mind that a solidary trip is different from a normal tourist trip. In solidarity trips you get involved with the people of the country and you are surrounded by them almost all the time. Therefore, you will have to cultivate an open, tolerant and respectful attitude.

Find out which are the best sectors to cooperate with

Let’s not forget that a solidary trip is a cultural exchange. By constantly being in contact with the local people, you will live the experience in a more authentic and real way. Therefore, it is important that we know what you are going to do during your stay. It is crucial for your solidarity trip to evaluate what knowledge you have and how it can be useful. If, for example, you are experts in education, you can use this knowledge to share your experience with the teachers of a rural school or centre where there might be a lack of experience.

Many people believe that it is great to teach English classes or do workshops in schools with children, but the biggest impact is to teach the teachers how to teach. At the end of the day, when you finish your solidary journey, those who will remain in the centre will be the teachers. If the impact of our collaboration does not have any durability in the centre, what you wanted to offer will go away with you.

It is important that you evaluate your profile well and see what you can offer. The fact of being there is not synonymous of cooperation. For this reason, we re-emphasize the importance of getting as much information as possible before making a decision.

Find people who have already volunteered

In order to clarify your doubts about how to make a solidary trip to Nepal, there is nothing better than talking with former volunteers. They will inform you about some basic aspects or curiosities that are worth taking into account. Also, always try to stay in constant touch with the entity with which you are going to collaborate so that they can resolve doubts or questions you may have.

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Approximate duration of a solidarity trip in Nepal

There are many options when making this type of trip but, in general, many entities organize trips throughout the year and the standard duration goes from 10 to 30 days. Less than 10 days is not worth it because you will not have time enough to integrate yourself with the population. In any case, each association or NGO has specific volunteer programs and you will have to consult directly with them.

The price of solidarity travel

As a general rule, the price offered by associations in Nepal to make this type of trip is cheaper than if you organize a tourist trip. The reason is that the amenities are not the same, since you will sleep in a shared accommodation or in a family home. The food is usually also dispensed by the organization and, for this reason, the price is usually lower. It depends on some factors as the type of accommodation, the length of your travel, the time of year, and so on. Normally, the price of the flight ticket and the visa are not included.

Make sure that the price that the NGO suggests is fair. Ask questions about the details of the costs and about what you are paying. Sometimes, to be a volunteer, you just have to pay for accommodation and food during the stay… paying more than that would not be fair. A volunteer work should not cost money since the goal is to offer your time and knowledge. Nonetheless, there are NGOs that have higher prices that include “donation”… In these cases, we advise you to make sure of what they are going to do with that money and make sure you have proof of that. Once you understand how that money is distributed, if you agree, go ahead.

Active tourism in solidarity trips to Nepal

These trips are, in fact, “trips”. That is to say, there is part of the experience that consists in cooperating and being in development projects but, discovering the country is the other part. For this reason, at Inspire U Adventures we encourage you to come to Nepal and experience with us one of our routes. We offer treks through the most impressive mountains in the country and, always, with expert guides. In addition, our tourism philosophy is based on sustainable tourism and respect for the country, both for its nature and its people.

Check out collaborations and social projects that Inpsire U Adventures has done in Nepal in recent years.

If you want to know more about what we do, contact us and we will inform without obligation. Enjoy your solidary trip to Nepal and, also, get inspired by the impressive landscape that this country offers.


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