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Jordi Arpa

Mountain Guide

Born Girona, Spain.

Jordi is our experienced mountain guide with UIMLA international accreditation. He has the certification of “Wilderness First Responder”, a training that prepares to respond under emergency in remote areas.
He is a person defined as curious and adventurous. Mountain and nature are his passions and his way of living.

He visited Nepal for the first time in 2015 and amongst many intense experiences, the earthquake of 2015 was an experience that left a print on him.

Nepal and Jordi are inseparable. His philosophy: living out of his passions: working in the mountains and discover new places and share his experiences with people that have the same interests.

Jordi is profoundly involved in sustainable and responsible tourism and is a valuable member in the search and study of less exploited and remote regions in Nepal.

He likes writing about his experiences and discoveries. He reads about mountaineering and enjoys carving pieces of wood.


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