Travelling to Nepal in August: Tips and recommendations

Are you thinking of organizing a trip to Nepal in August? Great idea! Many people believe that in the summer season it is not advisable to travel to this country due to climatic and temperature issues. But, the truth is that Nepal has many differences in climate depending on the area in which we are at.

So, if you have no choice but to take your annual vacation in August, you can take a trip to Nepal and enjoy its magnificent scenery! In this InspireU Adventures post, we will show you the best tips and recommendations for your trip to Nepal in August. Your adventure starts here!

Is it advisable to travel to Nepal in August? Of course, yes!

There can be some doubts about whether it is worth coming to Nepal in August. The truth is that, although it is the rainy season in the country, you can also enjoy many experiences and treks adapted to the weather.

At InspireU Adventures we want to help you to organize a perfect and memorable trip. Therefore, here we give you some good advice with which you will get the most out of your experience.

Weather in Nepal in August

One of the main issues that worries travelers who want to travel to Nepal in August is the climate issue. Yes, it is true that from June to September, it is the rainy season in the country. But this does not mean that it is raining all day or that the rain is a real impediment to enjoy and trek in Nepal.

In general, the weather seasons in Nepal are divided into:

Rainy season: from June to September

Most of the holiday seasons for western countries coincide with the rainy season of Nepal. This is the period in which the monsoon appears.

For example, in the Kathmandu Valley or especially in Pokhara rain tend to be more intense than in other mountainous areas. In fact, when it exceeds 3500 meters, rain volume in Nepal tend to descend considerably. For this reason, if you want to do a trekking in Nepal a> in august, we encourage you to go for it!

But, even if it rains in the lower areas or in the main cities, the temperature does not go down. The temperature is characterized by being hot and humid. The sun is coming out intermittently combining rainy moments with moments of sun and clear sky. All this means that, although it is a bit more uncomfortable due to the rainy season, making a trip to Nepal in August is totally plausible.

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Dry season: from October to May

During these months of the year, rain ceases in Nepal and, therefore, good trips can be done in all regions of the country. But, yes, among all the months of the year that are included here, the most recommended for travelling are during autumn or spring. The reason is that these seasons, allow the temperature to be very pleasant (neither cold nor too much heat), and landscapes are full of colours and nature that, really, is worth seeing.

In this other post we talk in detail about when it is better to travel to Nepal. However, although the month of August is included in the rainy season, you can also enjoy the trip. Especially if you come to do a trekking!

Best treks in Nepal for August

If you want to trek in August in Nepal you should consider some recommendations in order to do it in a safe manner. As we have already said, from the 3500 meters high, the rains lessen. Therefore, making routes at these altitudes is a great option to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

However, due to weather conditions, it is always recommended to trek with a guide like the ones you will find at InspireU Adventures. The reason is that in case the monsoon brings difficulties in the terrain, an expert mountain guide and an expert in the region can help you much more than if you go alone. We know the trails, the terrain, and we know how to act in case of unforeseen events.

It is, highly recommended that on your trip to Nepal in August you hire a guide to do your trekking. Here is the information regarding our treks and, in case of any doubt or comment, you can contact us directly and we will advise you.

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Tips to travel to Nepal in August

Because we are in the rainy season, it is advisable to take into account some factors such as the following:

  • Bring waterproof clothing: whether you’re trekking or not, ideally come with waterproof clothing that allows you to walk and discover places without the rain soaking you. The raincoats or the breathable waterproof pants are an ideal option to be able to walk without problem.
  • Mountain boots: We also recommend that you wear waterproof hiking boots, especially if you want to discover the mountainous Nepalese landscapes (something we recommend 100%). With this, you can easily walk through the mountainous terrain and protect your feet from moisture. Wet boots will not dry out for the next day and walk with wet feet can lead to serious health problems.
  • Umbrella: It is an alternative that can provide a great experience. If it is not a problem for you to walk with an umbrella in your hand, this solution will allow you to walk with a short-sleeved shirt and avoid sweating too much under impervious layers. In addition, a more or less large umbrella will cover your shoes too, preventing it from getting wet.
  • Water proof boots for the city: If you are going to walk through cities or towns, you can go equipped with waterproof boots that will allow you to be totally protected from moisture.
  • Sunscreen: Many people, when they organize a trip to Nepal in August, believe they should not be equipped with sunscreen. Big mistake! There are many times of the day when the sun shines and it does so powerfully, especially at high altitudes. Even on cloudy days, the sun has a bigger impact in our skins that what we think.
  • Light clothes: We also recommend that you do not only carry warm clothes in your suitcase. T-shirts or lighter clothing will be a must-have for your trip.

With all these tips, you can enjoy your trip to Nepal in August to the fullest. But if you have any questions or want to know more about what specific treks are good for monsoon season, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

If you have annual holidays in August, come to Nepal!


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