Trekking in Nepal: when is the best time to go


Are you thinking about doing a trek in Nepal? Then it is more than likely that you are researching about the country’s climate and temperatures.

You have to keep in mind that Nepal has different types of weather and that, when trekking, you can experience low and high temperatures depending on the type of route or the region you choose.

It is for this reason that in this post of Inspire U Adventures we want to tell you when is the best time to do trekking in Nepal analyzing different factors such as weather, seasons and other tips that will help you organize your trip better.

Nepal trekking season

If you are researching about the best time to trek in Nepal you have to know that, in general, the most suitable months to do it is from October to December or from March to May.

This is the “dry” season of the country, so there is less rain and, therefore, the most appropriate time to be able to trek or hike through the beautiful Nepalese landscapes.

Nepal dry season: Spring and Autumn

If you decide to do a trek during this time of year, you will be able to enjoy the country’s landscapes to the fullest. It is at this time when the sky is clearer and, therefore, you can see the most impressive mountain peaks.

However, as the heat gets closer, the visibility can be somewhat more difficult due to humidity. However, if you do a trek in Nepal with one of our guides you can enjoy, at all times, an intense and enjoyable experience directly connected with the essence of the mountains.

Best trekking season in Nepal: Autumn the best choice

Within all the months that are included in the “dry season”, you have to know that those that correspond to our fall are the most recommendable to do trekking.

In fact, from mid-September to mid-December approximately, it is one of the best times for a trekking in Nepal since the weather will be fresh and very pleasant to hike. The sky is clear and the temperatures are pleasant: neither very warm nor very cold.

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Travel to Nepal in summer: July and August

July and August is also a good time for a trekking in Nepal. In any case, you have to bear in mind that it is in this season of the year when the temperatures are higher and the rains abound, however, as we make the ascent to the mountain, both temperatures and rain decrease.

We just must choose the right route and the appropriate trek and adapt them to be able to move more safely, taking breaks due to the heat. Keep in mind that our summer months (June, July and August) are much warmer but, nevertheless, this does not prevent us from making a good trek and enjoy a landscape full of color and life.

Christmas trekking in Nepal

There are also people who want to know whether December or January, our Christmas period, are appropriate months to go to Nepal. The truth is that it is a beautiful season of the year in the country and, although temperatures drop slightly, you can trek without any problem.

In fact, some of the most impressive photos we have of our treks are done in this season as the landscape with the snowy mountain peaks is beautiful.

Conclusion: there is a trek in Nepal for any month of the year!

In Inspire U Adventures we will adapt the route according to the weather conditions of each season. Depending on the month in which you come to trek, we will do one route or another but yes, in all of them we guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

We have 100% professional guides who will advise you at all times and with which you can learn more about the culture and traditions of the country. The mountains of Nepal are incredible to visit whatever the season is, so we encourage you to sign up to one of our routes and enjoy a memorable experience.

Weather in Nepal: information and tips

Now that you know that Autumn and Spring is the best time for trekking in Nepal, let’s stop to get to know the climate of this country a little better. This way, we can know what kind of temperatures we will find when we plan our trips.

We are aware that not everyone can take vacations when they want and, therefore, the Nepal routes that we offer you, are totally adaptable to the climate as well as to the needs of each group. We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest and, therefore, we want to spread our passion for the nature of Nepal and its impressive mountains.

Cold season in Nepal: from December to February

At the end and beginning of the year, it’s when Nepal has lower temperatures. However, the average temperature during a sunny day in Kathmandu can be around 20ºC. Of course: at nightfall, it is best to take a good coat because the temperature usually drops considerably.

Therefore, if you want to trek in Nepal you have to know that in this period of the year the temperatures in the mountains are lower than the rest of the year. We must choose the right trek since many mountain passes can be closed because of snow or avalanche hazard. At this time of the year, we can enjoy beautiful landscapes full of snow and ice on the tops of the highest mountains. Dreamlike!

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Nepal Spring: from March to June

This is one of our recommended seasons too. If you travel to Nepal during the months of March through to June you will find milder and more pleasant temperatures. At this time of year the country becomes a place where there has been an outbreak of nature: colorful valleys, wild animals, flowers in the corners … In this season you find landscapes that look like they are taken from a fairy tale.

Rainy Season Nepal: from June to September

In our summer is when the rainy season arrives in Nepal. It is normal that the abundant sea rains take place, especially in the city of Pokhara or, also, in the Kathmandu valley.

However, if you want to trek in Nepal in summer you have to know that, normally, from 3500 meters above sea level the rains are less abundant, therefore, they will not be an obstacle to your adventure.

Furthermore, as we go up the mountain, temperatures will become more pleasant and lower than in other parts of the country. Therefore, summer is also a perfect time to put on your boots and start discovering Nepalese landscapes. You will enjoy it!

Nepal in autumn: Best season to trek

Although Spring is also a perfect time for a trek in Nepal, our favourite is Autumn. Why? Because the temperatures are more pleasant at this time of the year, with a cooler climate and ideal for all kinds of hikes and routes in the Himalayas of Nepal.

In addition, in these seasons, the rains disappear and it is much more comfortable to encourage you to make a trip of several days discovering the impressive landscape of Nepal’s nature.

When does monsoon season start in Nepal?

And, finally, we are going to finish this article talking about the monsoon season in Nepal since it is one of the most frequent doubts that we usually have.

The monsoon is the rainy season and, as we have already indicated, corresponds to the hottest months of the year: from June to mid-September. Depending on the area where we are, we may have more or less rain, although, as a general rule, it is the lower areas of Nepal that are most affected in this period.

The rains move from East to West, therefore, depending on the time you come, the monsoon might not affect you so much.

Therefore, although the Autumn or Spring seasons are the best to trek in Nepal, the truth is that in any month of the year you can enjoy an experience like no other. In Inspire U Adventures you will find the best route for you and, thus, get to enjoy the most spectacular nature.

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to attend and speak to you. Contact us and we will find the best option for you.


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