What to bring to the trek. The essentials:

Good Treking Boots


Daypack approximately 30 Litters

Water bottle 1 litre x 2

Crampons (only in snow season)

T-shirt long/short sleeves

Trekking trouser

Thermals (both shirt and leggings)

Comfortable and warm clothing to sleep

Shorts (optional in hot seasons)

Down Jacket*

Polar fleece or warm jumper 

Wind/water proof over trousers

Ear Plugs (if desired)



Toilettes (just the very necessary)

Entertainment. Cards, book, diary… (light things that don’t occupy much space)


Sun glasses

Warm hat 

Sun hat (if desired)

Head Torch

Antibacterial handwash

Bag pack that porter will carry maximum 15Kg every two persons*

Windproof and waterproof warm gloves

Gaiters (only when snow season or if desired in monsoon season too)

Poles to walk if desired (specially for those who wish to release knee pressure)

Toilet paper (lodges don’t provide with WC paper, but there are available for sell along the trek)

Purification pills or other methods to purify water.

Nepali Rupees in Cash. (necessary for possible shopping you wish to do, or to have snacks or refreshments that are not included in the Trek price).

First Aid basic kit: antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment, Diamox, painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, insect repellent, rehydration salts. **

Umbrella (for monsoon time is recommended if you don’t mind having one hand busy when walking. It is the best not to get wet whilst your skin still breaths without the need of a waterproof jacket that makes you sweat inside, watch the locals in monsoon… all with umbrellas!)

Alternative footwear for lodge and village stay (light and simple, some people like taking the running shoes or even flip flops, these last ones can be more cold for the feet but depends on the season is very good option!)

Sleeping bag* (comfort rated -10°C in general trek) treks are based on lodge/tea house accommodations and they normally provide with blankets too, but it is necessary to carry a sleeping bag per person.

Small light towel

*Items that can be hired in Kathmandu
** Our guide will always carry also a First Aid kit in case
*** Our porter can carry maximum 12 Kg of goods per person. Also, please, try to keep the maximum weight of all your trekking luggage to 15Kg. In all domestic flights in Nepal the maximum weight is 15Kg and it is not a normal practice to pay for extra weight. It is possible to leave part of your luggage in the city hotel in Kathmandu for items not required in the trek.
NOTE: In Nepal still prevails a conservative style in the way they dress. Therefore we ask you to respect this and refrain from wearing revealing clothing or sleeveless tops while visiting Nepal. Shorts are acceptable but they should reach just above the knee and be modest.