When to visit Nepal and When to trek

Nepal is a magic land where Inspiration happens

If you ask us when is good to visit Nepal… We say: anytime!

The magic happens all year round. Exploring Nepal can be done in many different ways and there is no bad season to come.

You may be asking yourself; when is the good time to trek? And we can say pretty confident again: anytime! But here we must specify: anytime is good for trekking but not for trekking everywhere. So at least you know that you can trek in Nepal all year round, but depending on the season, you better choose your region accordingly.

Some regions are tricky because of snow in winter. Some passes are not accessible and the conditions require a higher level of physical and technical preparation. And other places are tricky because of the amount of rain may be too much for certain treks to be enjoyable. Leaches can make the most uncomfortable experience of your journey. Eventhough there are spectacular treks to do in winter, and spectacular treks to do in monsoon time (summer).
As a general rule, and to try not to contradict all guidebooks and the general advices in travel agencies etc., the best moment to trek in Nepal is in Spring and Autumn.

Eventhough you can have the best experience trekking in winter in Upper Mustang, or doing Everest Base Camp in monsoon time. We like general rules, but we have trekked in other seasons and there is a trek for every season no doubt!

Spring and Autumn

Wonderful time to come to Nepal

No doubt the weather is the best for trekking.

You can have a blast in all treks we offer. You get more clear skies than in other seasons.

The vast majority of the ascensions to Everest summit (8848m) are done in April and May, when its expected to be the best weather. Lovely time to book your adventure. These best trekking seasons are mid March through to mid June, and mid September though to mid December.

Some years in March there is still snow in some of the passes, and some years the monsoon starts earlier than expected in June or late in September. So if you want to be sure, April, May, October and November are the magic months. Write us with your ideas, wishes and dreams.

Tell us about you, your skills and fitness level and we will guide you the best way we can here at InspireU.


trek to Upper Mustang, or delight yourself with a trekking to Nar and Phu magic villages

Go and visit Chhitwan, Lumbini and Pokhara.

Take a flight to sightsee all the biggest mountains in the world from the point of view of the eagles.

Enjoy Poon Hill, Kopra, Ghandruk or, Dhaulaguiri trek… Explore the lower part of Solukhumbu and walk to Namche Bazar to have the first views of the Everest summit. Some activities will require special equipment or special physical fitness. But all you have to do is contact us. Ask us about what you are looking for, explain us about your skills and fitness and medical conditions, and we will prepare a plan for you.


Monsoon is here, but don’t panic

Some wonderful areas are not affected by the rains.

Including Everest region, where you can find rain in the lower part of Solukhumbu district. But as you gain altitude, the less impact the rain does to our journey.

And to be perfectly honest, the beauty of the clouds playing with the giant peaks of the Himalayan is worth seeing. We understand clear blue sky is what most desire, but believe us, we have seen spectacular paintings of lights on canvas of clouds and mountains in the sky of the monsoon.

In addition the grass is greener than ever, and flowers are in blossom all around your path, leaves you with the feeling of walking inside a fairy tale. Don’t forget an umbrella. Which not only will give you shelter but allows you to wear a t-shirt during the heat of the days. Tell us if you wish to experience Nepal in summer. Tell us about you, your skills and fitness level, we will find the adequate adventure that will surely InspireU.

We can’t wait to see you and InspireU in every Adventure!